MacOS on vSphere ESXi 6.0

I recently installed MacOS High Sierra (10.13) on ESXi 6.0 for a developer I work with.  The steps I used were from a number of sources found on the InterWebs. First off you need a Mac to download the installer. On the Mac, go to the App Store and and download MacOS.  While that is … Read more

listing vms from a portgroup

I was recently asked to get a list of all VMs in a certain VLAN along with OS and IP address.  To do that… get-vdportgroup “<name of port group>” | get-vm | get-guest | select vm, ipaddress, osfullname | ft -autosize if you happen to be on a standard switch, replace get-vdportgroup with get-virtualportgroup -name … Read more

Vendor mismatch has been detected

I recently updated my Nexus 9 to the nightly build of LineageOS 14.1 October 10.  The normal update went smoothly.  However, after rebooting, I was greeted with “A vendor mismatch has been detected.  Typiucally this means yopur vendor image is out of date.  Please ensure that your vendor image matches N9F27M” According to Lineage, the … Read more

Capturing FireFox with flash and VMware client integration plugins in an AppStack

I’ve recently created an AppStack that included FireFox 52.4.1 ESR with the flash plugins and the VMware Client Integration Plugin. I first created 3 separate AppStacks, FireFox, FlashPlugins and FireFox with the VMWare Client Integration Plugin. Running all these plugins seem to run fine. It’s when I created an all in one AppStack I encountered … Read more

Power settings for ESXi hosts

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed in vRealize Operations Manager that one of my VDI hosts was experiencing higher than normal CPU contention. What was more interesting was that 90% of all VMs on that host had high cpu usage.  Moving a VM off the host, brought down CPU utilization, however, any VM moving to … Read more

Amazon LightSail and Bitnami WordPress Stack

After many hours of tinkering, below are the steps I’ve used to run 2 WordPress sites on one LightSail instance. This is assuming that you have DNS running and you have your A records set correctly.  In my case its techstuff and introspection. I would’ve made my life a lot easier if I just went … Read more

That didn’t take long

Newly-ish created VPS is getting attacked Oct 9 13:28:52 ip-xxx-xx-xx-xxx sshd[2006]: Received disconnect from 11: Bye Bye [preauth] Oct 9 13:28:53 ip-xxx-xx-xx-xxx sshd[2008]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for niggacanttouchme [] failed – POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT! Oct 9 13:28:53 ip-xxx-xx-xx-xxx sshd[2008]: Received disconnect from 11: Bye Bye [preauth] Oct 9 13:28:54 ip-xxx-xx-xx-xxx sshd[2010]: reverse … Read more

Moved to Amazon Lightsail

I’ve moved to Amazon Lightsail from 1and1.  With the increase cost of running WordPress from 1and1, I’ve completely moved off it and am now running on Amazon Lightsail., along with DNS management by Amazon Route 53. My costs of hosting a WP site and DNS should drop dramatically   Amazon Lightsail is the one click … Read more

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