Increasing the journal size for Zerto with Public Cloud

So I recently ran into some journal size limits for a VPG with the target site being in Azure. But from what I gather from Zerto support, this method should work for all public clouds.

I initially thought that I could increase the journal size the same way with on prem Zerto installations. That was not the case.


Public Cloud:

As you can see, the Public Cloud instance no longer has the Advance VM settings to modify the journal size. Not sure why Zerto removed this. The only way to increase the journal size is to modify the tweaks.txt file in in the install folder and add the following line:

t_vraSizeOfAwsJournalMB=”desired size of journal in MB”

Please note the following from Zerto support
“For 8.5, we should put VRA tweak in tweaks.txt file, and also in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Zerto\vra\tweaks_extension_upgrade_surviving.txt This would allow tweak t_vraSizeOfAwsJournalMB to survive during the upgrade to 9.0 and not break all customer VPGs into an unresolvable state. If the path and file not exist – create it.”

After modifying the above files you’re need to edit the VPG, no need to do anything, just click on Edit and then click done.

But that’s not all, you’ll need to contact Zerto support to get the TweakTool that modifies the following parameters:


Once you made the changes, you’ll restart ZVM and VRA services on the ZCA. After the services are restarted, you’ll need to “edit” the VPG for the new journal size to take effect.

Hope this helps.

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