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If something is wrong with your system

Always check disk space…. just saying….
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Troubleshooting VM with nVidia GPU

So I was troubleshooting a VM that had a nVidia GPU. The issue with the VM was that it was not reachable, multiple reboots yielded the same results. To troubleshoot, I needed to get into the VM, so I powered it off, and removed the GPU in the VM’s settings, saved it, and powered it back on. Got into Windows and saw that the Windows Firewall was not running, but was set to automatic. As soon as I started the service, I was able to ping the VM.

So I reversed what I did, added the card back in, saved, powered on, but nothing. Removed the GPU again, logged in and saw that the service was running. Very odd what was happening.

Ran into a post that suggested going into low resolution mode. To get into low resolution mode, reboot the VM, press F8 and select “Enable low resolution mode – 640×480”. Once I got back into the VM using the remote console, I did see that the Window Firewall service was not running. Once I started it I was able to ping the VM. Rebooted the VM, and was able to ping it all the way through to the desktop coming up.

Bit of pain trying to sort out this issue. But going into low resolution mode, saves a few steps in troubleshooting.

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PDQ and Windows Updates

Last year introduced PDQ as way to easily deploy applications to desktops. In the past, applications were either installed in the master clone, thinapp’d or manually installed by remotely connecting to the VM and installing it locally.

This is where I did a POC and proved that this was a time saver and pretty much fool proof.

In the last few months I started looking at using PDQ to install Windows patches. Preliminary tests showed that it worked well. I did look at WSUS, but was limited in terms of scheduling, and without using something like SCCM or SCOM, it would be very hard to manage. I also did not want to put up infrastructure just for patching.

PDQ pushes out Windows patches just like any other application, connects to the target, installs, and reboots, if you choose to. DONE.

However, there was no easy way to snapshot the VM. I came up with a PowerCLI script attached as a Pre-Step, however, I soon discovered that the PowerCLI script also ran on the target computer, and not on the source. One solution presented was installing PowerCLI on all server VMs. Tossed that idea out quickly as I didn’t want to install PowerCLI on all VMs, and with how the script worked, a snapshots of all VMs would occur on all VMs. So if I had 10 VMs in the script, the script would run on all 10 VMs, give me 100 snaps in total.

After some brainstorming, I decided to have the script run as scheduled task. If I had the patching occur at 2AM, I could have the script run at 1:58AM. Early testing showed that this worked just as expected. BINGO!

Only thing I need to make sure of, is to update the server list, so the VMs scheduled for patching gets snapped.

So essentially, have a scheduled task run the script 2 minutes before patch time, and then have the patch schedule run.

Hope this helps other people facing the same or similar problem

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i hate dealing with them….

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Moved to Amazon Lightsail

I’ve moved to Amazon Lightsail from 1and1.  With the increase cost of running WordPress from 1and1, I’ve completely moved off it and am now running on Amazon Lightsail., along with DNS management by Amazon Route 53. My costs of hosting a WP site and DNS should drop dramatically


Amazon Lightsail is the one click offering by Amazon that gives users, developers or anyone that needs a simple virtual private server (VPS) with a easy to understand and predictable monthly rate, which is unlike EC2.  Keep in mind though that as the name implies this is targeted for “light usage”.  If you need something more powerful, you’ll probably need to go the EC2/ S3 route.

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Cloud Computing Patterns

At he ScienceLogic Symposium. 
Interesting slide


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Marshmallow Update

So my brand new Nexus Player gets Marshmallow update before my Nexus 6 and my Nexus 9. It’s worth mentioning that my N9 has an issue installing a small update.


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Edge Gateway Firewall in vCloud Director

Had an interesting issue with a client today. He had created quite a few edge gateway firewall rules with success. However a few VMs in his VPGs could not get out to the internet.  After much clicking around and testing different settings, it turns out that to allow all outbound traffic, the protocol on the firewall rule needs to be set to ANY and not TCP.

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New Blog

I’ve created this new blog to separate my personal blog which contains….. personal ramblings, to talk/ post about all things tech.  This can range from work related enterprise stuff, to cloud related technologies, newest tech toys and everything in between.

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