Installed Marshmallow Factory Image on My Nexus 9

Installed  the Marshmallow factory images on my Nexus 9 just a few minutes ago.  I normally wait for the OTA, but this time I got impatient.  The build that was installed, 5.1.1 Build LMY48I could not get the OTA update to LMY48T.  It would error out with “E:Error in @/cache/recovery/” “Installation aborted” According to various … Read more

Edge Gateway Firewall in vCloud Director

Had an interesting issue with a client today. He had created quite a few edge gateway firewall rules with success. However a few VMs in his VPGs could not get out to the internet.  After much clicking around and testing different settings, it turns out that to allow all outbound traffic, the protocol on the … Read more

New Blog

I’ve created this new blog to separate my personal blog which contains….. personal ramblings, to talk/ post about all things tech.  This can range from work related enterprise stuff, to cloud related technologies, newest tech toys and everything in between.

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