Vendor mismatch has been detected

I recently updated my Nexus 9 to the nightly build of LineageOS 14.1 October 10.  The normal update went smoothly.  However, after rebooting, I was greeted with “A vendor mismatch has been detected.  Typiucally this means yopur vendor image is out of date.  Please ensure that your vendor image matches N9F27M” According to Lineage, the … Read more

Pixel XL by Google

​So I preordered the Google Pixel XL the day of the announcement on October 4th,and the phone came in today. Haven’t really played around with it too much as I’ve been loading apps that I want to I use.  I could’ve just installed all off the automatically but I’ve been wanting to clean up my phone … Read more

Installed Marshmallow Factory Image on My Nexus 9

Installed  the Marshmallow factory images on my Nexus 9 just a few minutes ago.  I normally wait for the OTA, but this time I got impatient.  The build that was installed, 5.1.1 Build LMY48I could not get the OTA update to LMY48T.  It would error out with “E:Error in @/cache/recovery/” “Installation aborted” According to various … Read more

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