Power settings for ESXi hosts

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed in vRealize Operations Manager that one of my VDI hosts was experiencing higher than normal CPU contention. What was more interesting was that 90% of all VMs on that host had high cpu usage.  Moving a VM off the host, brought down CPU utilization, however, any VM moving to that host, started experiencing the same behavior.  After a few searches it turned out that the host’s power setting was set to balanced.  After setting the to Static High Performance Mode, the CPU contention dropped to below threshold and CPU demand on the host dropped as well.

So note to self and to others, when setting up hosts, set the power to high performance.  Luckily for me a reboot was not required.  This may be differ among vendors though.


Week of 9/24


Past 7 Days


You can see above where I made the change.

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