FAIL: VCSA 6.0U3 upgrade to 6.5U3

So I’ve been fighting an VCSA upgrade from 6.0U3 to 6.5U3. Everything goes smoothly until trying to start vCenter services. After about 5 minutes, I get an error “An error occurred while starting service ‘vpxd'”

Digging into the logs I keep seeing the following errors:

PeerThumbprint: <removed thumbprint>
--> ExpectedThumbprint:
--> ExpectedPeerName: localhost
--> The remote host certificate has these problems:
--> * Host name does not match the subject name(s) in certificate.)
--> [context]zKq7AVECAAAAAH6z1gANdnB4ZAAAoPMqbGlidm1hY29yZS5zbwAAiCAbAC6ZGABeMyIAKWQiANs3IgCTPCIA+ZQjADFiIwD6ZCMAXUkrAdRzAGxpYnB0aHJlYWQuc28uMAACvY4ObGliYy5zby42AA==[/context]
2019-10-15T14:24:29.590Z error vpxd[19950] [Originator@6876 sub=AuthzStorageProvider] [AuthzStorageProvider::CreateAuthzMgr] Failed to connect to IS: <N5Vmomi5Fault17HostCommunication9ExceptionE(Fault cause: vmodl.fault.HostCommunication

I’ve reset all certs, regenerated new ones, and I still get the above. I have an open call with VMware support, so I’ll see what they say.

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