Cannot Edit a VPG or recreate the VPG

So I ran into an issue where a client had recently requested a VM from backup and to restore it as a new VM, which was non-eventful.

The issue came up when I tried to edit failover IP within the ZVM, however, I could not make any changes to the VPG.  I contacted Zerto support and it was suggested that the  VPG be recreated.  Since the VMs are all hosted with Access Alto, I’ve removed the VPG and attempted to recreate it.  However, the vCD vApp was nowhere to be found.  Numerous logs where uploaded and  Zerto support could clearly see that this vApp was being filtered out.  It wasn’t until development took a look and suggested to remove the defunct VM from the vApp.   After the VM was removed, I was able to recreate the VPG and re-establish the sync.

The issue turned out to be that Zerto will not sync the  VPGs if even one VM is off or in a bad state.

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