svMotion and losing the MBR

very strange situation today. I performed a single disk svMotion on my vCenter VM which also had 4 mapped raw LUNs. However, after a reboot, the VM never came back on line saying that it cannot find the boot device. after much tinkering around, I performed the following to get my vCenter back: Attached Server … Read more

NSX Upgrade with VXLAN already configured

Ran into a “bug” last week while upgrading vCNS to NSX v6.1.5. ¬†It turns out that if you had VXLAN already configured, the sequence that the package installs its’ components is out of order. That’s one part of the bug, the other shows that the hosts are ready within the NSX manager when it really … Read more

Example of how not to create Edge Gateway Firewall Rules

First off, allowing all traffic as default defeats the purpose of the firewall, might as disable it. Destination is not the NATted IP, but rather the IP of the public IP, the source is usually set to Any, ¬†unless you only want a specific IP to access the VM. I also usually don’t specify the … Read more

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